Jeurys Familia
The Mets Obsession With Jeurys Familia Defies Logic (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The New York Mets brought a familiar face back to the organization this offseason when they re-signed reliever Jeurys Familia. You know, the same guy that blew a save in Game One of the 2015 World Series that really swung the momentum in the Royals favor. Hey, maybe you know him as the same guy that gave up the home run in the Wild Card game against the San Francisco Giants.

Familia was signed by the Mets this offseason to become the 8th inning guy to Edwin Diaz. Neither move, of course in typical Mets fashion, has not worked. The only question I have is what are the Mets so obsessed with Familia? Their obsession keeps getting them burned time and time again.

How many times are you willing to get burned? Once? Twice? All I know is Jeurys Familia time and time again has burned this team in big spots. How about this one:

Maybe you recall this one:

Despite the heartbreak and anguish, this is the Mets guy. They rewarded him for all those glorious heroics with an $18 million deal this offseason. Familia has served up a 6.56 ERA in 2019. His WHIP is a 1.800. The guy is flat out unplayable, yet the Mets continue to pitch him. 24 games is a large enough sample size where the Mets should have seen enough.

The Mets bullpen may be the sole reason why this team has underachieved. New York ranks 24th in bullpen ERA (5.19). It is almost impossible the make the playoffs with a pitching staff performing that poorly in high leverage innings. The teams below the Mets are the Marlins, Mariners, Pirates, Tigers, Orioles, and Nationals. Guess what? Those teams will be going home early too. While the Mets bullpen has not been good, the continued trust in Jeurys Familia is something that borders on extreme levels of insanity.

The Met fan base deserves better. They have clueless Mickey Callaway still running the show, a GM that set the franchise back 10 years with the Robinson Cano trade, and ownership that really never truly wants to win.