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A New Hand Touches The (Football) Beacon

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the next iteration of the Maximum Football series. Well, for football fans wanting another option other than Madden, Christmas came a few days early. Maximum Football has finally shared the first real image of their new game. I will not lie, it looks kinda clean.

While their tweet doesn’t say it, the account does confirm in the comment section that this screenshot comes from in-game. Already I can see a huge jump forward in the quality of the textures. The helmet looks smooth, the cleats look clean and there is actual grass on the field. All huge improvements.

I have a lot of up-close experience with Maximum Football. I did one season with Maximum Football 2020 and it was a smashing hit on our YouTube. You should 100% check it out. I feel like my commentary has gotten better since this initial series and I also did it when I actually had time to play video games. The pandemic helped a lot with that.

PLZ Be Good

Listen, Madden has been awful for a while. The new updates to Franchise mode looked promising, but EA has since canceled all future updates for the mode. But besides professional football, the real draw for many to Maximum Football was its college dynasty mode. Believe it or not, a year ago this was really all we had to hang on to with the price of NCAA 14 skyrocketing and the number of copies going down.

But how relevant will Maximum Football be when it gets here? I’ve played and currently have a dead NCAA 14 Revamped series on YouTube (that I 100% want to reboot, ya know, when I have the time). If you have the ability to download an emulator on your PC or do the complicated steps to mod the game on console, do it. It’s your best option for a good college game.

EA also will be releasing NCAA football games again. Granted, it’s EA so I don’t have a lot of faith. The reason why the updates for franchise mode stopped was because they moved developers from Madden to work on the college game. Do you mean to tell me that a studio that brings in billions each year from Madden and FIFA couldn’t hire more people? Give me a break EA. You Suck.

By the time I finished my Maximum Football series, I was pretty much done with the game. The animations and gameplay did not improve a lot during its lifetime and needed a lot of work to work out the kinks. While this first screenshot is promising about a good-looking game, gameplay is what will set it apart. Hopefully the extra time Maximum Football takes with the new game will do the series well. Then we as football fans will finally have a good football game to play.

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