Matt LaFleur Jordan Love
Matt LaFleur acknowledged the truth about Jordan Love. Talented? Yes. Needs a ton of work? Absolutely. (Morry Gash/Associated Press)

I’m worried about Jordan Love. I listed him as a wildcard this year. I think his arm talent and athletic traits have some promise. The mechanics? Now those are an absolute tire fire. If Love is going to make it, he needs to fix his awful footwork. The good news is Matt LaFleur knows it and is going to try his best to fix Jordan Love.

Again, the good news is Green Bay is going about this the right way. Love is going to have time to develop behind Aaron Rodgers and LaFleur knows he has a lot of work to do:

“He’s very natural,” the second-year coach said via NFL Network’s Stacey Dales on Saturday. “There’s a lot to clean up right now. He’s a young quarterback that is learning a new system, and just how specific we are with the footwork. I think that takes time. But I am pleased at how he attacks it on a daily basis. I think he’s a really intelligent kid. And he’s very athletic. So, I think it’s a matter of time before he can pick up the mechanics. But, our challenge to him each and everyday, is just you gotta get that one percent better.”

The Packers are probably stuck with Aaron Rodgers for two more years unless they want to eat an enormous cap hit in the second year. Love needs every second he can on the bench to learn.

Love made terrible decisions his final year at Utah State throwing 17 ugly interceptions in the process. Personally, I didn’t think Love was a first round prospect but he has the ceiling to turn into one. Is Matt LaFleur a good head coach? He’s going to prove that he is if Love turns into a franchise quarterback.