Black Widow
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Marvel’s Black Widow Movie Review, Spoiler Alert!

After waiting over a year and some change, Black Widow was finally released. The original release date was supposed to be in May 2020, but then COVID-19 struck, and the rest is history. As a huge fan of the Marvel movies, I don’t remember the last time I was this excited to watch a movie. I have been watching the shows they were releasing on Disney Plus like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, but nothing compares to a Marvel movie. With the movie theaters back to full capacity, Black Widow was not something I could watch at home on my couch.

Before I start the review, I just want to say how awesome it was to go to the movie theater again, I never thought I’d miss overpaying for popcorn and candy, but here we are.


The cast for the movie was great. Scarlett Johansson has played the character of Natasha Romanoff perfectly from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 up until the Black Widow movie. David Harbour being scripted as the Red Guardian, essentially Russia’s Captain America, was incredible, and Florence Pugh was the perfect actress to play Johansson’s sister, Yelena.


The opening scene, while confusing, was great. A young Johansson and Pugh, paired with their “father” in Dave Harbour and “mother” played by Rachel Weisz, escape from Ohio in an airplane while having a shootout with local police officers. I put mother and father in quotations because, towards the end of the movie, you find out Harbour and Weisz are not the sisters’ biological parents.

Romanoff has hinted at her dark past numerous times in prior Marvel movies, but the details were very vague. Black Widow was the first film where we got an in-depth look at how she became an elite killer. The “Red Room” had been referred to before, but we finally got to see the leader of the whole operation, General Dreykov. Dreykov started the Widow program by capturing girls with no family at a young age, putting them through rigorous training, psychological torture, and ultimately trained them to be elite assassins. Natasha and Yelena were picked and forced into this life from a very young age.

Easily my favorite scene is when Johansson and Pugh break out Harbour from a Russian prison in between huge mountains. And who could have guessed it, but while they are trying to break him out, a huge avalanche begins and takes out the whole prison. They escape in time, but the scene was awesome.


From the trailers, it looked like the villain was Taskmaster. A robot/human hybrid that was basically programmed to kill anything in sight. But if you watched the movie, you know the real villain was Dreykov, the leader and creator of the Widow program. Dreykov was a pretty good villain because, unlike a Thanos or a Loki, we knew nothing about this guy. And we find out that the Taskmaster is Dreykov’s daughter, who Johansson tried to kill a number of movies before Black Widow. Dreykov had a chip implanted into his daughter’s head in order to save her life and created the greatest robot/human assassin.

The movie was great. Marvel never disappoints. I wish Harbour had more scenes because he did have the same super-soldier serum that made Captain America. I would have lost my mind if Harbour took on an entire army and mopped the floors with them. I am a little sad because this is the last we will see of Johansson as she died in Avengers Endgame, but hopefully, Harbour and Pugh are just getting started in the Marvel universe.

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