Mark Cuban
(Ron Jenkins/AP)

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks decided to be the bigger man and congratulate his bitter rival, the Houston Rockets. The Mavericks opened up against the Rockets in the first round of the playoffs ultimately losing the series in 5 short games. Before the playoffs started Cuban gave his take on Houston in an interview with Grantland:

“There’s no more predictable team than the Rockets. You know exactly what they’re gonna do. … But James Harden is so good. That’s what analytics have begot. Right? Predictability. If you know what the percentages are, in the playoffs, you have time to counter them. Whether you’re good enough to do it is another question. Because they are very talented, and James Harden, I think, is the MVP. Because that’s not a very good team over there.”

Now Cuban didn’t necessarily trash talk the Rockets but his didn’t really shower them with praise either. After the Rockets defeated the Clippers in game 7 Cuban took to twitter.


Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey appreciated Cuban’s tweet.

The Rockets will play the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Golden State will be heavy favorites heading into the series as they swept the Rockets during their four regular season meetings.