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Marc Sessler


Marc Sessler Is A Certified Idiot, Who Let This Hack Get A Job?

Marc Sessler

Marc Sessler Is A Certified Idiot, Who Let This Hack Get A Job?

Another day, another person talking shit about the Las Vegas Raiders when they have no idea what they are talking about. Usually, I will go back and forth with Trey Daubert, the boss of Vendetta Sports, about his takes on Mike Mayock. It’s whatever, I respect Trey, he has great football analysis, I just think he’s wrong about the Raiders. That respect does not go to Marc Sessler, whoever this fucking hack is. Recently, he wrote an article about the NFL 2021 Offseason Trades, and their winners and losers. His grades are horrible, at least from the Raiders’ standpoint. Don’t want to read it? I don’t blame you, I will tell you most of what you need to know.

Trent Brown Trade

The first trade is the Trent Brown trade. If you don’t know, Trent Brown was traded to the New England Patriots for a 2022 5th-rounder. Trent Brown was a helluva tackle…when he actually played the fucking game. The Raiders had to pay him 29 million over the next two years. How much do you actually think he was going to play? Be honest. In his two seasons with the Raiders, he only played 16 games. Imagine if that was the case for the next two years, we would essentially be paying him again for 29 million for technically one season of games. Getting rid of him was the smart decision for the Raiders and it was a good price for the Patriots.

Marc Sessler’s dumbass rated it an A for the Patriots and a F for the Raiders. Bullshit, we were wasting cap for a guy that wasn’t playing. I truly believe a C- is a fair grade for the Raiders. Good for the Patriots though.

Rodney Hudson Trade

The Raiders traded away Rodney Hudson for a 3rd round pick to the Cardinals. Another one that didn’t make sense to a lot of people unless you actually kept up with the Raiders religiously, as I do. That includes people like the hosts on Toast Time criticizing this move. Let me make this clear: RODNEY HUDSON DID NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR THE RAIDERS ANYMORE. I mean it’s kind of hypocritical to say no one wants to play for the Raiders and then surprised when people actually want to leave. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

Hudson is one of the best centers in the NFL, I loved him on the Raiders and he was the best player on the OL. 6 seasons of the inconsistency of management, talent on the team, along with the consistency of losing is enough to make someone move on. That’s the life of a Raiders fan, that no one seems to understand.

Alas, Marc Sessler, my favorite hack, rated this as a D for the Raiders, and a A for the Cardinals. What the fuck do you think we were going to get for Hudson? A 1st? Hell, even a 2nd? Be real, the 3rd is the best we were going to get for the guy that, once again, DIDN’T WANT TO BE HERE. I’m not asking for a B, but the move made sense. A C should be in order here. Also, not to mention, we owed him MORE money next year, we lost $2 million in cap by trading him now, but it would have been a lot more next year.

Gabe Jackson Trade

The blind squirrel will always find one nut, eventually. I actually agree with Sessler on this one. I didn’t like the idea of trading Gabe Jackson. He was one of the more sturdier pieces on our OLine. The Raiders traded Gabe Jackson away for a 5th rounder. I truly believe the Raiders could have got more from that. Jackson is a great guard for any team so good on the Seahawks. Sessler rated this as a D for the Raiders, which is higher than the Trent Brown trade and tied with the Hudson one. The other ones made more sense to me than this one. The guy is all over the place.

Marc Sessler, you have made my list. Only a select number of individuals are allowed to talk shit about the Raiders, and you’re not one of them. This was a bold move on your part to anger Raiders fans. They are crazy and should be treated with caution. #RaiderNation would kill your baby for the Raiders, watch your step.




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