Marc Gasol
Marc Gasol should officially be declared as WASHED. The man has nothing left and is a shell of his Grizzlies playing days. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Have you ever watch an NBA game and root for an opposing player to keep shooting? No, I’m not talking about Russell Westbrook this time. I’m talking about Marc Gasol, who used to be a good player. That time is over. It’s officially time to declare Gasol as WASHED.

During the 2019-2020 NBA regular season, the Spanish center averaged 7.5 points and 6.3 rebounds in 26.4 minutes of action. That’s a far cry from Memphis Gasol. He also shot .427% from the floor, which is NOT GREAT for a center who spends his time near the basket.

Things somehow got worse in the postseason. In 11 playoff contests, Gasol averaged six points, 4.4 rebounds, on .391% shooting. That is an abomination. He also shot .185% from 3-point range and had a lack of self-awareness to keep shooting them. In the series against Boston, Gasol went 2-16 from downtown. Guess what? I smiled every time he shot them.

It’s over for Gasol. He no longer passes the eye test. The former Grizzlies standout looks old and slow. Nothing good seemed to happen when he was on the floor. Toronto was a -1.9 with Gasol on the floor during the postseason.

Additionally, the Raptors were a +9.9 when he sat. Pascal Siakam deserves a lot of blame for the series loss against the Celtics. You can make a hell of an argument for Gasol too.

There is no place in the NBA anymore for old goofy centers that can’t shoot. No disrespect, but he’s not the same guy anymore. Gasol is a free agent this offseason. Anything more than a vet minimum to serve as a backup center and that team overpaid. Father time doesn’t lose and has already won the battle here. Marc Gasol should officially be declared as WASHED.