Manchester United Pay for Sancho
Borussia Dortmund expect that Manchester United will pay for Jadon Sancho this season. Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images.

Borussia Dortmund expects that Manchester United will pay the £109 million fee for Jadon Sancho. However, the move is heavily dependent on if Man U can make it to Champions League next year.

Sancho has been a hot take for the season. He’s been able to provide Dortmund with 20 goals and assists this year for the league and competitions.

Man U were not expecting to forfeit more than £50 million for a player this season, but it may happen for Sancho. They’ll just need to continue their good playing. They had an 18-game winning streak until their 2-2 tie to Southampton on Monday. They still have games in Europe League and FA Cup this season as well.

Man U currently sits in fifth behind Leicester. Both have the same points, but Leicester has a higher goal differential.

Leicester won their game against Sheffield United 2-0. This pushed them to be one point behind Chelsea.

Man U won their game against Crystal Palace 2-0. This allowed them to keep close behind Leicester.

Their next two games will be the determiner of who moves on to Champions League. Leicester will face off with Tottenham Hotspurs on Sunday. Man U will face West Ham on Wednesday, July 22. Then for the final game, Man U and Leicester will face each other.

Leicester will probably lose to Tottenham. Man U will most likely win against West Ham. This means that Man U would be set ahead of Leicester going into their game.

At that point, Chelsea will probably fall into fourth after their games against Liverpool and Wolves.

Man U is most likely going to finish third and be able to qualify for Champions League next year. Which means they would be able to make the transfer of Sancho.

If the purchase goes through, that would be the club’s highest-paid record. In 2016, Man U paid £89 million to Juventus for Paul Pogba.

There are some concerns about who will be playing as the regular right-wing if Sancho transfers. Some think that Mason Greenwood would be benched. But former Man U defender, Gary Neville, spoke on this matter.

“Not signing a right-winger, thinking Greenwood would be out of the team is not the right way to look at it,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“Manchester United have signed great players over the years to try and challenge other great players in those positions.

“Great players will challenge each other and make each other better, they’ll improve, they’ll find a way to get into the team.

“They won’t feel belittled by it and they won’t feel challenged to the point where they sulk, they’ll step up to the task and go for it and I’m sure that’s what Mason Greenwood will do.

“He’s still young but so exciting, it’s untrue. I love watching him.”

Sancho would be a great addition to the team. With Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Greenwood, and Sancho, that would make a good offensive line for next season.