Madden 21
Madden 21 (EA)

Will EA Learn Their Lesson This Time?

Madden 21 officially launched today and the average football lover is now able to get their hands on it. But today should not be a day celebrated by EA and the Madden team. It’s common for games to have bugs and for people to be upset at launch, but not to the extent that I’ve seen on Twitter.

As I said, glitches are common on day one. But some of the glitches that I’m seeing are ridiculous. Balls are phasing through receivers’ bodies and right into the arms of defensive backs. I don’t understand how a player can just freeze mid-stride. It’s inexcusable, to be honest.

We here at Vendetta have hounded on EA for reusing animations or not changing anything in franchise mode. EA fills their time creating other, monetizable modes because they could care less about another that doesn’t make them extra cash. But this video may take the cake. Four straight years of the same celebration with slightly different camera angles. This may be one of most outrages, laziest attempts at a game I’ve ever seen.

It blows my mind that EA thinks they can get away with the same crap every year and charge $60 for it. I know Maximum Football may not be EA’s competitor right now, but at least they listen to their community and are looking to do cool things with their game. I am more than willing to put money behind a company like that. Even if the product maybe a few years away from having better quality.

Madden 21 is not worth it this year. I would never pay full price for such a lazy attempt at a game. The fans have spoken by given it less than 1 out of 10 on Metacritic. I hope fans are finally waking up and will demand change in their football game. We all deserve better.