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Mac Jones

AP Photo:Steven Senne

Mac Jones Could Be A Disaster for the New England Patriots

Mac Jones
AP Photo:Steven Senne

Mac Jones Could Be A Disaster for the New England Patriots

Michael McCorkle Jones, aka Mac Jones, aka Mac N’ Cheese, aka the future of the quarterback position for the Patriots, hopefully. I want to preface this article by saying I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life. I have been a Patriots fan for 21 years and will be until the day I die. I stand by the decisions coach Belichick and owner Robert Kraft make, but I have to say I am very worried about Mac Jones. Although Mac has received some early praise during OTAs, his size is a concern, he is a below-average athlete, and his arm is not overly strong.


First, his size and stature. Mac is 6’2 and 214 pounds. Now the media was freaking out because he looked small next to Cam Newton. News flash Cam is the size of a defensive end playing quarterback. That did not surprise me, but when I heard that Jones looked small even next to Jarrett Stidham, my worries only began. The height is not the issue but let’s not act like he is as tall as Josh Allen or Justin Herbert. In the first week of OTA’s, it was clear Mac needs to fill out his body. I am not saying he needs to put on 25 pounds of muscle, but from what I saw, he looked like a shorter version of Gumby.

Athletic Ability

I want everyone to stop comparing Mac Jones and Tom Brady when they were coming out of college. I know the picture surfaced of the infamous Brady combine photo as well as a picture of Jones looking a little pudgy in the Alabama locker room, and people were saying shit like “same energy” and “looks familiar.” Stop it. Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos as he was coming out of high school before choosing to play football at Michigan. Although Brady went in the 18th round of the MLB draft, he was still drafted by a major league baseball team out of high school. I will give Mac credit; he did run a faster 40-yard dash at a 4.80 while Brady ran a 5.28 but what Brady had that I think Mac is going to struggle with is his pocket presence. While the Patriots always have a decent offensive line, he is not at Alabama anymore, where every lineman he had was a five-star. He is going to need to mobile in the pocket, and until I see him be nimble in an NFL game, I have my doubts.

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Arm Strength

I know Jones is an accurate quarterback. That is not what I am concerned about. I am worried about a kid who is from Jacksonville, played at Alabama, and is now slated to play football in some of the worst weather conditions. What made Tom Brady great, among a lot of things, was that he had the best cold-weather arm in the NFL. It didn’t matter if it was snowing, raining sideways, or a monsoon. Brady was going to get the ball to his receivers. Jones had the most accurate season in college football history, but how accurate will he be when it down-pouring in Gillette Stadium and he needs to air the ball out. Again, he is not at Alabama anymore, and DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle are not walking through the door. With below-average receivers in New England, Jones will have tighter windows to throw than he has ever had, and I question he has the arm strength to make some of those throws.

The One Year Starter Factor

I don’t think this is a huge deal, but besides Kyler Murray and Cam Newton, there have not been a lot of one-year starters in college that have succeeded in the NFL. With every Kyler and Cam, there is a Dwayne Haskins and a Mitch Trubisky. Trey Lance and Jones were the only one-year starters in this draft class, and history tells us that one of them will bust.

QB Position Moving Away From Jones

The quarterback position is moving away from the prototypical pocket quarterback to a more dynamic athlete that can also throw the ball. The top four quarterbacks in his draft class are far superior athletes than Jones. Even Trevor Lawrence showed us in the 2019 game against Ohio State he is a threat to run. If you look at the quarterback landscape in the NFL, it is transitioning to a more mobile style of play. Tom Brady is an outlier, but you look at guys like Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, and even Patrick Mahomes. What do they all have in common? They can sling the ball around the field and pose a threat with their feet. I mean, Josh Allen threw for over 4,500 yards and 35 touchdowns and led the Bills in rushing touchdowns. It also provides an advantage to the offense as the defense has to be prepared for a run or pass from the quarterback. In Mac’s case, I don’t think they’ll be running RPO any time soon.

I don’t want to sound like a Mac Jones hater, but I am not going to blindly say that this kid is going to great just because I am a Patriots fan. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the Patriots not trading up for Justin Fields, but everything is set in stone now. Hopefully, Cam can have a better season in 2021 with an upgraded supporting cast around him, and Mac can just learn behind the scenes. I don’t know how much we are going to see from Jones in 2021, and maybe that is a good thing.

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