Lydia Wahlke's Resignation
Lydia Wahlke working for Chicago Cubs. Photo by Caleb Fox.

There has been an uproar from people who have been upset with the U.S. Soccer Federations handling of the gender pay discrimination lawsuit by the U.S. Nationals Women Team. Earlier this month, the case got denied, but the team is still fighting. It was announced earlier today that Lydia Wahlke submitted a resignation as the chief legal officer for USSF.

Wahlke has agreed to be a consultant until Sept. 15, which is when the reschedule trial date for the lawsuit is. USSF’s filing stated that the USWNT does not have the same skill, ability, and responsibility as the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Shortly after, former USSF president Carlos Cordeiro stated that he did not read the filing. Vice President Cindy Parlow Cone took over after Cordeiro’s resignation.

“It should be clear that while Carlos Cordeiro did not review or approve of the offensive language in the filing, by personally resigning he decided to put the best interest of U.S. Soccer first,” Parlow Cone said.

Before the filing was submitted no board members had read it according to Cone.

“Moving forward, substantial legal filings of this nature will be required to be shared with the president, members of our board, and others within the federation for review in a timely manner to ensure we do not encounter a similar situation where language inserted by outside counsel would be in contrast with the federation’s philosophy and beliefs,” USSF said in a statement.

USSF has changed its law firm since the blowup. With more to come in the lawsuit, Lydia Wahlke’s resignation may not be the last.