Logan Paul
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Logan Paul Says He Would Be Open To Career In MMA

Logan Paul just “fought” Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a joke of an exhibition fight that has little to no impact on either boxer’s career. In my opinion, the fight was just a big money grab like 99% of what Logan Paul does. The fight was sub-par, as many expected. In summary: not many punches landed as Paul spent a lot of time in the ring grappling and hugging, which has now become a meme, and it was just underwhelming in general. Yet somehow, Logan Paul now sees a future in MMA after the catfight we all witnessed last night.

Per MMA Junkie, Paul said he could absolutely see himself fighting in an MMA ring, given his past experience with wrestling.

“I’d do MMA, for sure, because I am a good grappler. You know, I’m a wrestler at heart.”

Logan, please don’t do that. Don’t soil another sport just for the sake of building your own brand. MMA is still pure, so please don’t ruin that.

How Much Longer Until Mainstream Sports Are Ruined?

I’m almost 100% certain that any real boxer that tuned into the Paul-Mayweather Jr. fight last night will tell you that it was laughable. The way the rules were set up ahead of time ensured that neither fighter’s reputation/brand would be tarnished no matter what happened in the fight. No winner? No loser? Then how is that considered a fight? Mayweather couldn’t earn his first loss if losses weren’t allowed, and Paul wouldn’t lose any credibility as long as he didn’t get knocked out.

Maybe this fight was put together in order to ‘save’ boxing or put it back into the mainstream? I really do not know. Either way, it was a bad product that the fighters made a pretty penny from. This was just one of many events to come across the sports world that is turning professional athletics into an over-commercialized shit-show. Just look at the NBA. The regular season is quite possibly the most boring product I’ve ever seen, yet the players make more money on average than athletes in any other sport in the United States. Coincidence? I think not.

Thanks, Paul brothers. You’ve officially changed the sports world for worse.

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