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Max Pacioretty

(Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images)

Leave Trey Alone! The Twitter outcry For Pacioretty Is Embarrassing

Max Pacioretty
(Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images)

Leave Trey Alone! The Twitter outcry For Pacioretty Is Embarrassing

In his most recent Tweet, Trey Daubert gives his breakdown and opinion on the Carolina Hurricanes trading for veteran Max Pacioretty. After Pacioretty tore his Achilles again, it’s clear Trey was right about the trade. Future considerations were better.

As most of you know, Trey Daubert is the man at Vendetta Sports Media. He is also not afraid to give his opinion and receive backlash from it. He will admit when he is wrong and admit when he is right. But today, I will be backing my claim and thoughts on my boss’s video. This is not Trey breathing down my neck, telling me what to write. This is my own opinion on the scenario.

As some of you know, I am an intern writer at Vendetta Sports Media. I am from Minnesota and have grown up a hockey fan ever since I was a little kid. Since I was three years old, I have played hockey. I know this game like the back of my hand. When I saw Trey’s post on Twitter I was licking my chops to get my opinion out there on the Max Pacioretty trade this last summer.

(FYI I like Pacioretty, I don’t think he has done anything in his nature to take this hate. I am feel bad for his injury because he is a good guy and good teammate)

Background information on Trey’s Twitter and Pacioretty:

Hurricane fans were bombarding him on Twitter. I’ll provide three examples but there are plenty more.

Why would you only get future considerations for Max Pacioretty? He is so good, he’s an all-star, blah, blah, blah. You get the point. Since the 2020-2021 NHL season, he has only played a total of 92 games. That is an average of only 31 games a season. That isn’t even half of the amount of games players play in a year, not including playoffs. He has also averaged 57 games a year in his career. That is missing 25 games a year! That is a lot, folks. Keep in mind, Patches is getting paid $7 million a year. That is a good amount of dough for an injury prone player.

My Opinion and Reasoning:

Now let me give every one of you an analogy. For all my fantasy players out there, here it is. Would you keep an injured guy on your bench or would you cut or trade that guy for a new opportunity? You would trade or cut him, obviously. In this scenario with Pacioretty, it is a cap dump. There is no intended need to get anything out of it, more to get an extra roster spot or two. Also, get rid of some unnecessary cap hit that is being wasted on an injured player. The Hurricanes decided to take on a player making $7 million that’s always hurt. Those resources could have been used to re-sign Tony DeAngelo, Dougie Hamilton, or Vincent Trocheck. All key players they let walk choosing to invest in Pacioretty instead. Now with a bit of brain power and background context, people will understand that professional sports leagues front offices don’t always need massive deals for players. No GM in any professional sports team will give an arm and a leg to an aging veteran who’s injury prone. It was a good situational trade for the Golden Knights to get rid of cap space and a bad trade for the Hurricanes taking on Pacioretty’s contract and knowing he was injury prone. Especially because he just came off one.

Sending off Comments:

This article was just me defending my own opinion on this scenario. I pray and hope that Max Pacioretty heals up from his Achilles injury fast so he can get back on the ice. I hope he is in good spirits and has a good surgery when he intends to get one. This article was in no intention of hurting anyone or anything. This was meant to be all class and not to diminish anyone. Please don’t go out and bash Trey, he is giving his opinion like me. Thank you for reading.

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