Kyle Pitts
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Kyle Pitts: A Fantasy League-Winner You Should Not Be Scared To Draft

Kyle Pitts is probably the most polarizing rookie in fantasy football this year, as everyone understands his talent but nobody is sure if they should be comfortable with a rookie tight end as their weekly starter. I am here to illustrate that he is truly the whole package for fantasy football, not just in regard to his talent but also in regard to his situation.

To start, Pitts is probably the most talented TE prospect to ever come into the NFL. His incredible wingspan, overall athleticism, and unprecedented versatility make it almost an insult to call him a tight end. He is a legitimate wide receiver in a tight end’s body. Imagine if LeBron James played football, and that is more or less Kyle Pitts.

His talent coupled with his versatility bodes well for his fantasy value, as he is going to be lining up almost like a wide receiver and should rarely come off the field. When taking into account that he has a great offensive mind in head coach Arthur Smith drawing up plays for him, I have no worries about Pitts’ usage on this Falcons offense. In fact, reports have already come out of Smith using Pitts all over the field in different formations. Smith knows the ridiculous talent he has in Pitts, and he would not have picked Pitts at fourth overall in 2021 if he was not planning to involve him heavily in the offensive game plan.

Before the Julio trade, volume did seem a reason for concern with Pitts because he would have been the number three option behind two elite receivers. With Julio gone, however, this becomes a no-brainer. Pitts is the second most talented skill player on the Falcons behind Calvin Ridley and Matt Ryan, though no longer at his peak, is still capable of getting the ball downfield. Pitts’ value is relatively high but it is still a bargain, as he is going in the range of T.J. Hockenson, who I love in fantasy as well, and Mark Andrews, who I would not be looking to draft.

The only legitimate concern for Pitts is not even anything to really do with Pitts as a talent or even his situation. There is a trend of rookie tight ends having pretty poor success in fantasy football, even with some of the highest-drafted prospects. It often takes them a year or even more to break into fantasy relevance. Although this is important to consider, the Falcons seem to have a knack for setting new precedents. I mean who would have thought a team could lose a Super Bowl while being up by 25 points in the second half, right? So I will make the call and say Pitts does break the precedent because he is simply different. Amazing talent, amazing situation, and an amazing fantasy football draft pick.

Do not be the guy that passes on Pitts because he is “unproven” and then go draft Andrews as your starting fantasy football tight end. That is how you lose leagues. Drafting Kyle Pitts is how you will win them.

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