Kyle Lowry
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Kyle Lowry Should Be A Priority To Trade For By The Clippers

For me, the Clippers were the favorites to win the championship in 2020 at the beginning of the season. Even more so when they made the playoffs. But, there was a flaw in my thinking, the Clippers didn’t have a prominent player to distribute the ball. In fact, Kawhi Leonard shouldn’t have been distributing the ball. You’d think they would target someone to pass the ball in Free Agency, but they didn’t. Now, Kyle Lowry is reportedly available for trade. The Clippers can not let this opportunity escape them. They need to target him as a priority.

Kyle Lowry would fit in LA too. Being behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, Kyle Lowry will thrive as a point guard and 3rd option for the Clippers. He might even help bring them that championship. Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry already have chemistry together, given that they won a championship in Toronto. This move just makes too much sense.

Here comes the bad news, Lowry won’t come cheap. Plus, the Clippers still have to match Lowry’s salary. But, the Clippers seem to be in championship or bust mode. So, they have to risk it for the biscuit here. The starting package has to be Marcus Morris, Patrick Beverly, Terance Mann, 2 2nd round picks, and a 1st round pick in 2027 (the earliest pick the Clippers can trade).

Kyle Lowry
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Some might think that this is a steal for the Clippers. It very well might be, but I think this trade could go through. The Raptors are trading away an expiring Lowry for 3 team-friendly contracts and some picks. Fred VanVleet seems to be the future point guard for the Raptors and they’re getting a backup point guard and a solid piece in Morris.

The verbiage lately is that there’s not an if Kyle Lowry gets traded but a when. The Clippers have to make a move here to make sure getting Kawhi and PG was not for nothing. They gave away a lot for this roster, there has to be evidence that it was for something. This only makes Kyle Lowry that much more of a target to really risk it all, even if it is for one season. 1 championship is more than what 10 teams have after all.