Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker sucks so bad that the Knicks just totally removed him from the rotation. You just hate to see that. Such a shame. (Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

Kemba Walker Sucks So Bad Now That The Knicks Removed Him From The Rotation

You just hate to see it. You really do. I tried to warn everyone and their mother that Kemba Walker was trash. Kemba wasn’t just trash. He was a disrespectful clown that needed to go. Kemba signed with the Knicks this offseason and… it’s not going well. Because, of course, it isn’t going well.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that the Knicks have just flat out removed Kemba from the rotation. Not good enough to get a single minute on the floor anymore:

Kemba signed a two-year contract worth $18 million this offseason after he was bought out by the Thunder. Turns out that was predictably $18 million too much. Can we just face the facts now? Kemba was a cancer in Boston and had the knees of an 800 year old prehistoric human. Call me shocked that this wasn’t going to end well.

On the season, Kemba is averaging 11.7 points and 3.1 assists in 18 games (24.5 MPG). That really doesn’t tell the full story. +/- doesn’t always tell the story, but this number is so drastic it sort of tells you everything you need to know. The Knicks have a 116.3 defensive rating and a -13.3 net rating with Kemba on the court. Now flip that around to when Kemba sits. The Knicks have a 99.0 defensive rating and +11.2 net rating when he sits. The eye test and the net rating doesn’t lie.

Kemba Walker is a scrub. Kuddos to him; hell of a career. That puppy is over and done with. It’s time for him to just retire and call it a day.

PS: Can we still talk about the fact that Kemba wore Yankee hats to every Celtics press conference and played like dog shit every night? AND you wonder why nobody was okay with this?

Shout out to this scrub who decided to @ me on Twitter but somehow decided he did not want to be mentioned back because he was convinced Kemba Walker was going torch the league. Gotta love Knicks fans. They’re more insane than this guy I know who pretended to be vegan and then quit being vegan for a girl he liked. True story.