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“Just Lazy” – Twitter Erupts with Anger Over Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23
(EA Sports)

“Just Lazy” – Twitter Erupts with Anger Over Madden NFL 23

Twitter has some things to say about Madden NFL 23, calling it “just lazy” after a couple of weeks of being out. Is it really that bad?

Twitter has not been kind to the newest edition of Madden, most of the initial criticism was due to the accuracy of player models, or lack thereof. Most of this criticism comes from the inaccuracy of offensive line player models.

Not only are they grossly inaccurate, but it also makes the game look like it took a 10-year regression. Look at Nelson from Madden 22, compared to Madden NFL 23, compared to real life.

Then there are major gameplay issues with offensive tackles just whiffing horribly too often, as seen in this clip below.

Then tackling stinks. It seems that on All-Madden the user team can seemingly never make a tackle, and can never break one against the CPU, which is on display below.

Then the simply changes that should have been made were not, which validates the “Just lazy” comment. Here we can see how the one major change that would have to be made was not, as the Super Bowl celebration displays ”Washington Football Team” instead of the Commanders, ya know the name they changed to this offseason.

And then there’s an issue when a player in the NFL says it might be the worst Madden ever…

But then you have some people taking a big picture view, and saying that the game is good and is improve since the entire #FixMaddenFranchise situation.

So now, which side is true? I see both sides, especially the negative since that’s the easier one to cling on to. It’s easy to see something broken, or something frustrating and hold onto it forever. The gameplay has been an adjustment and the broken tackles and fumbles are a bit much. However, a lot of good has been done.

The new free agency system is awesome, and although classes seem very stacked at times I would much rather that happen than no one hit the open market. The motivations and tags system provides a new depth of realism and emersion that was missing two years ago. A new title update for the game was posted today, and you can read all the details here, but player likeness and face scans are being added for numerous rookies, and the alternate helmets are coming (all but three, which will be added in another update) so there’s a lot to look forward to. Overall, I like Madden NFL 23, and the improvements it made.

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