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Joy Taylor

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Joy Taylor: Jeff Saturday Rant Comes Off As Hypocritical

Joy Taylor
Dear, Joy Taylor. Your Jeff Saturday rant comes off as so hypocritical and lacks self-awareness. Read more inside the post detailing the story. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Joy Taylor: Jeff Saturday Rant Comes Off As Hypocritical

I don’t have anything against Joy Taylor. I want to make that clear before I begin. She was the side anchor on Colin Cowherd’s show. Now she has her own platform and more of an opportunity to talk. I have not kept up with any of her takes so I have absolutely no prior receipts of feeling a certain type of way for or against Joy. With that being said, when I saw her Jeff Saturday rant, it pissed me off and I’m going to tell you why.

Joy, your thoughts are valid. Very valid. The Jeff Saturday hire is ridiculous. Jim Irsay is a clown. We all know this.

However, the way the message was presented is total BS. It’s BS because you in fact have benefitted from the same thing you are complaining about. By no way am I suggesting that Joy didn’t work hard but let’s also not sit here and pretend being Jason Taylor’s brother didn’t get her somewhere in life. She took her opportunity and ran with it and good for her. Just keep in mind that 99.9% of women would have never even gotten that chance.

The rant is also hilarious in the fact that we already know this is true. It’s about who you know, not what you know. You want to talk about keeping receipts? Why am I not the Bears general manager? Of ALL people, wouldn’t I deserve the first crack at fixing the Bears considering I was the most accurate person in America when evaluating Mitch Trubisky? I have those receipts. Why didn’t I even get the chance to interview?

I already know my hard work doesn’t always matter. I’ve written 5,368 articles since 2018. I’ll take a good bet that number is first out of any sports writer in America. You want to talk about people deserving jobs? If I was Jason Taylor’s brother and you put me in a room with Stephen Ross for one hour, I’d be the Dolphins general manager. I guarantee it. Except I’m from the backwoods of Pennsylvania. I don’t get opportunities because I don’t have your last name.

I can do this all day. If my hard work mattered, I’d be running the Raiders. It’s not hyperbole. It’s a fact that I’ve been the most accurate sports analyst in America across all four major sports. I have documented proof I would have been a better general manager than every single one that’s currently employed. Where’s my job?

You see how ignorant you sound now?

You want to talk about disrespect, Joy? Jeff Saturday doesn’t cover 99% of it.

Dear, Joy Taylor. Your rant is ignorant. In fact, it’s asinine you even did this without bringing up how privileged you are to be in the spot you’re in. Fox Sports wrapped their arms around you because of your last name.

Oh, and when Tom Brady gets the job at Fox and is asked to broadcast games, I expect a rant about how Brady having zero experience in broadcasting is BS. That other people that worked hard in the broadcasting field deserved that opportunity.

But you won’t do that rant. Wonder why? Does it have anything to do with Brady signing with Fox and Saturday coming from ESPN?

Hypocrite. Even more embarrassing that she doesn’t even see it.


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