Jon Heyman
Scott Boras’ noted mouthpiece, Jon Heyman had quite the take on the Mookie Betts trade. (MLB Network Image)

I already wrote my thoughts on the Mookie Betts situation. You can read that here. To make it short, regardless of who’s fault it is, this is a bad look for Chaim Bloom. He either backed out of the deal not knowing Brusdar Graterol had a shaky arm. Which shouldn’t have been a surprise considering the Twins didn’t make it a secret and I knew about it. OR Red Sox ownership stepped in when they saw all the criticism from the deal. Something along those lines.

What I said was totally fair. This is a bad look. It’s one thing to trade Mookie. It’s another thing to make a mess of the whole thing. You knew it was only a matter of time before someone had a take that came out of the clouds. That man is Jon Heyman, AKA Scott Boras’ mouthpiece.

If Scott Boras was a burner account on Twitter, he would be Jon Heyman. Everybody knows about it. Boras funnels information to Heyman and he puts it out there as his own. This isn’t a secret.

Boras is probably furious because he is Graterol’s agent. Now Boras does what Boras does and tries everything he can to make the club bad.

Justin Turner had a point but it’s not reality. Nobody does care about who reported news first. Then again, they do have a job to do. This is a very rare problem.

It’s Heyman who took it to crazy town. Blaming the Red Sox for pulling out of the deal because of sign stealing? Get it together, dude. We know Scott Boras is telling you what to do but maybe control the really bad takes. Not to mention the fact that it has nothing to do with what Justin Turner said. Not even a little.