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Jon Heyman
(MLB Network Image)

Jon Heyman Just Proposed the Worst MLB Rule Change of All Time

Jon Heyman
(MLB Network Image)

Jon Heyman Proposed the Worst MLB Rule Change Ever

Jon Heyman is an insider who works for MLB Network. He isn’t known for having the best takes and gets into Twitter spats with players what seems like every other month. Heyman just went on MLB Network and proposed what might be the worst rule change for Major League Baseball I’ve ever heard in my life.

Where do I begin here? MLB has instituted some bad rules in the last couple years, but this one would take the cake. Eliminating check swings would make baseball borderline unwatchable. Batting averages would plummet. Pitchers would have the biggest advantage they have ever had. Apparently, Heyman wants a batter to stand like a statue in the box. No loading, no reading the pitch to see if it’s a breaking ball that will wind up outside of the zone, none of that. It’s so ridiculous, Brian Kenny is beside himself. Kenny even gives a demonstration of taking a pitch in a completely normal, everyday fashion that probably happens a hundred times a game. Heyman wants to call that a swing. It’s unbelievable.

I’m not sure how anyone could work as an MLB insider and have a take like this. Heyman should have kept that to himself because that’s the type of rule change that would ruin baseball.


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