John Smoltz
John Smoltz invented Twitter and somehow didn’t realize it. Smoltz wants to invent an app to track all the armchair quarterbacks online. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

There are certain broadcasters that you have to mute the TV when watching games. When John Smoltz is calling a game, the TV gets muted. He’s an automatic mute button guy. The Hall of Fame pitcher is tired of the armchair quarterbacks second-guessing decisions.

Little did Smoltz know, he invented Twitter during the middle of the NLCS Game 4 broadcast:

“I want someone to develop an app for all the second-guessers and the know-it-alls that are in our world so that they can … timestamp it, ‘This is what I would do,'” Smoltz said. “All the people can talk about afterwards what they would do. So somebody out there — I know somebody’s smart enough — get an app so that we can get all the second-guessers and armchair quarterbacks to tell you step-by-step what they would do right now.”

There are night and day differences between Ron Darling and Smoltz. Say whatever you want about the Mets, but they have a hell of a broadcast team. Darling always comes off as smart and insightful during the games. Smoltz, on the flip side, doesn’t even know what Twitter is.

I bet Smoltz would have a field day with this if he knew what Old takes exposed was. Boy, would he go nuts to read all of the people with wrong takes. It would be like taking a kid to a candy store.

I think I have a good app idea. Please don’t tell anyone. Listen, all I need is the tech people. Let’s create an app where you can sort of date people online. Let’s filter out all the nonsense. You get a picture, and you swipe right or left, depending on if you like them. I think this one has potential!