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Joey Porter Jr.

(Photo Credit: Michael Conroy/Associated Press)

Joey Porter Jr. 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Joey Porter Jr.
How high should you be on Penn State cornerback Joey Porter Jr.? Let’s take a look at his 2023 NFL Draft profile! (Photo Credit: Michael Conroy/Associated Press)

Joey Porter Jr. 2023 NFL Draft Profile

The 2023 NFL Draft might be one that’s void of talent, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when we’re talking about the cornerback position. Today, we’re here to talk about the best one, Joey Porter Jr. How should you value the Penn State product heading into draft day? Let’s take a look at the 2023 NFL Draft profile for Joey Porter Jr.!

For starters, yes, this is the son of Joey Porter. You know, the former linebacker for the Steelers. That right there has to make you feel pretty good. Porter didn’t just make the league. He was a nasty player too. Porter Jr. may not be as nasty but he’s probably the most physical corner that exists in the draft.

The length and physical traits stand out here. We’re talking about 6-foot-2.5 and 193. Also has ten-inch hands and 34-inch arms. He’s the closest thing you’re getting to Sauce Gardner in this draft. You know, the same type of quality he has where his knuckles drag on the ground when he walks. Porter’s arms are so long that he constantly creates havoc for opposing receivers.

We didn’t go over Porter much in the stock report notes this year. Mostly because I already had a man crush on him the year before. If you want to hold the fact that Marvin Harrison beat him a few times, knock yourself out. I won’t do it because I’ve been in on Porter for three years now. He’s the best corner in the draft at re-routing receivers and if you pass on him that’s your problem.

Porter Jr. didn’t allow a single touchdown in 2022. Not one. The lack of interceptions might be a bit concerning but he also did have 11 pass deflections this past year. Obviously, a huge number. Porter Jr. is also a former four-star coming out of North Allegheny High School and was the number one recruit out of the entire state of Pennsylvania in 2019. He’s been suiting up for a talented Penn State defense since he was a true freshman. He’s improved and the talent has always been there.

His detractors will try to claim he’s not the best at changing direction. I view those concerns as BS, to be frank. When you’re that long, you don’t have to be good at it. Second, Porter’s movement skills are more than fine. A 4.46 40 time given the length is fantastic. I also thought he moved well during the drills at the combine. I have no fears about him not having the requisite movement skills. Nobody is going over the top and beating Porter because he’s too slow. Speed is there. Short area movement is there too.

What the detractors fail to see is the tackling ability. It’s probably the most underrated but important trait you can have as a corner. Everyone is going to get beat but can you hold that guy to a seven-yard gain that doesn’t turn into a 30-yard chunk play? Porter Jr. beats people up and takes tackling seriously. Far more seriously than most corners that ever come out. Porter Jr. clearly takes the weight room seriously too. He opted to bench at the combine and ripped out 17 reps. A pretty good mark for a corner that weighs far less than the 225 you’re asked to bench.

I think Joey Porter Jr. is the best cornerback in the draft and I’m not sure it’s close. I have a first round grade on Porter and have no issue taking him inside the top 15 selections. When it comes to this draft, get your corner and get out. Porter Jr. should be very high on every team’s board.

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