Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon sucks and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. Why does anybody pick this guy in fantasy? Why does anyone even think he’s talented? (David Kohl/USA TODAY Sports)

Joe Mixon Sucks, Why Does Anyone Pretend Otherwise?

I’m tired of this. I really am. Once again we enter an NFL season and the experts pretend that Joe Mixon can play. Why? I’ll never understand it. Whether it be from a fantasy perspective or any other view point, Joe Mixon sucks. Any other narrative needs to become laughable at this point.

Nobody knows where the hype comes from. Once again, we enter a season and the “fantasy experts” are ready to blow their load again on the Bengals starting running back. Fantasy Pros has Joe Mixon ranked ahead of JK Dobbins at the moment. Not a joke.

There’s just one problem with that. During the 2020 season, one guy averaged 3.6 yards per carry. The other guy led the league with a mark of 6.0. The guy who led the league was rookie JK Dobbins. For all intensive purposes, Joe Mixon once again proved he stinks but nobody seems to care. They would rather suffer the pain of another losing fantasy season just plugging Mixon into their lineup without a care in the world.

I don’t want to hear the offensive line excuse. I’m done with it. Mixon averaged 3.6 YPC a year ago but in reality, his career mark of 4.1 isn’t far off. Mixon also had a -0.25 RYOE Per carry which factors the offensive line into the equation. He didn’t perform well regardless of who was in front of him. For some reason, nobody cares.

At what point do logical brains get together and realize this guy just sucks? Even in my fantasy league someone spent $35 on Mixon? Why? For what reason? Cincinnati gave the former Oklahoma product a $48 million extension. Explain to me what Mixon has done to deserve that money? Nobody has an answer. The general public just goes with it because that’s somehow the narrative.

I’m over it. I’m labeling you an idiot if you spend high draft capital in fantasy to pick Mixon. If you think Mixon is just a solid NFL running back in general, you get the same label. New rule, we don’t stan for Joe Mixon. He’s a shitty person and a terrible football player.