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JJ Watt

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JJ Watt Is Confused Why Teams Are Declaring They’re Out On Lamar Jackson

JJ Watt
JJ Watt is confused why so many teams are declaring they’re out of the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes. Frankly, it’s not hard to understand. (Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)

JJ Watt Is Confused Why Teams Are Declaring They’re Out On Lamar Jackson

For the first time in his career, Lamar Jackson has the chance to negotiate with any team of his choosing after the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on the former Louisville product. Five minutes after Jackson was tagged, teams started declaring they were out left and right. That’s not even being hyperbole. The Falcons, Dolphins, Panthers, Commanders, and Raiders have been confirmed out.

JJ Watt can’t figure it out. He put out a Tweet asking why there is a lack of interest in Lamar.

Let’s help JJ out, shall we?

This one really isn’t hard to figure out. Teams are forced to negotiate with no one and or his mom. Lamar has outside help with any of the contract talks. Just himself. The Deshaun Watson contract is outrageous and isn’t a new norm. Lamar isn’t better either so there’s that. On top of giving Lamar a Looney Tunes price tag, they also have to give up two first round picks to Baltimore to sign him. Oh, and there are plenty of questions about the style of offense he can play in on top of the injury concerns.

Do we think we covered it or should I keep going? It’s because of all of the reasons I’ve been trying to tell you for the last five years. He’s a garbage human that scored a negative 50 on the Wonderlic. It’s not hard to understand. In fact if you don’t get it, I’m not sure there is much hope for you. End of blog.


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