Jimmy Garoppolo
Despite a 13-3 season, Jimmy Garoppolo says he still has a long way to go. Can Jimmy G continue to get better in 2020? (Mike Dinovo/USA TODAY Sports)

After a 13-3 season and Super Bowl appearance, Jimmy Garoppolo is not satisfied. I’ve been a Jimmy G defender in the past. I’d love to ask his detractors this? Sure, Jimmy G can improve but 2019 was his first full season as a starter. Who’s had a better first year starting than him?

Garoppolo is looking forward to 2020 hoping to build off his first year as a starter:

“Having my first full season under my belt, coming off the ACL and everything that went into that season, it will only help me going forward,” Garoppolo said, via NBCSportsBayArea.com. “I think in terms of being a quarterback, I still have a long way to go. I’m still relatively young for a quarterback, just in terms of playing time. As a quarterback, you got to get out there and get the reps, play, get in the live action like that. I think having a full season under my belt will help me going forward.”

I don’t get the Garoppolo haters. The 49ers signal caller had a 69.1 completion percentage with a TD-INT ratio of 27-13. Jimmy G had a more than respectable 8.4 yards per attempt too. Jimmy Garoppolo might not be perfect but he’s damn good. This is the same team that had the 2nd pick in the draft the year he tore his ACL.

San Francisco is going to be a strong contender again in 2020. This defensive line is still nasty. It’s a really young team in general. Richard Sherman is the only real old vet they have. George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and others are young and continuing to get better.