Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold gave his stamp of approval for the Adam Gase hire (John Angelillo/UPI)

New York Jets fans find a way to moan and bitch about anything, even if the franchise did something smart. Pairing young quarterback Sam Darnold with a brilliant offensive mind is the way to go. Former Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase is the new man in town to lead the new Jets.

Many Jets fans seem to be shaking their heads but Darnold appears happy with the hire:

“It was a tough decision, but I think Gase and the things he’s able to do, the way he’s able to lead, I think is the best thing for our team,” Darnold said Thursday in a phone interview with ESPN.

Those quotes are interesting for a few reasons. How does Darnold know any of these things? Well, it turns out that Darnold was probably part of the interview process with all of the Jets candidates. He may have had more of an impact on who the Jets hired than you might originally thought.

Rich Cimini in his ESPN gave details about Darnold’s conversation with Ted Monken who was a candidate for the position:

“They spoke for 10 minutes on Monday night via FaceTime, covering everything from team-building to Xs and Os.”

Mike McCarthy, Ted Monken, and Matt Rhule appeared as finalists but maybe Darnold just clicked better with Gase. It’s not hard to see why. Peyton Manning had his best year ever with Gase. Tim Tebow won a postseason game with Gase. Jay Cutler went to the NFC Title game in Chicago. Ryan Tannehill somehow has a winning record and even made a postseason trip. That’s all Gase. Now it’s time to deliver Sam!

“Adam is an awesome dude. First of all, a really trustworthy guy,” Darnold said. “He just knows ball. He knows football. He’s very, very passionate about it. I think that’s what’s going to be awesome about this whole thing.

“His passion is going to be super, super contagious. Guys are going to want to go out there and play the game all the time. I think that’s kind of his leadership style, and I think that’s really where he’s going to thrive. I think our guys are going to take on that kind of attitude.”