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Jeff D Lowe Is The Perfect Barstool Gameshow Host

Being a host when real money and stakes are on the lines can be a difficult task. Now imagine that pressure time one million because the contestants on these reality shows are your co-workers and most likely friends. Jeff D Lowe is the right guy to steer the ship for all future Barstool reality content going forward.

The Dozen

Way back in the early stages of the pandemic when the world truly shut down, Jeff D Lowe decided to go back to the well and bring back an old Sirius Radio show when there were no sports. The first few episodes of the show on YouTube were fans versus “The Experts”, PFT Commenter and Brandon Walker.

That show turned into a full-blown studio gameshow where Barstool flew all the contestants and teams into their New York City office to be a part of the live filming. The show got sponsored for another season where there has already been “controversy”, and has become a staple part of their weekly content.

Barstool vs. America

The media company has made serious upgrades in terms of production in the last year or two, and they have used that to create their own reality shows with employees. Lowe traveled the country with the contestants, narrated the entire competition to viewers, and kept everyone “in the know”. All while knowing the final ultimate twist at the end that could cost his friend real money.

As they hire more and more people, Jeff will be able to introduce them casually to the Barstool audience with his trivia show or potentially with $10,000 stakes on the line.


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