Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler explained how he ended up at Vanderbilt. Talk about a crazy story. (Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

I have to admit something. I love Jay Cutler. Always did. He was such a likable quarterback for me. He was a lot like Joe Flacco but probably with more ability. Whether it be the smoking Jay stuff, the snarky attitude, the arm talent, or even his TV show now. I can’t get enough.

Recently, Cutler made an appearance on Pardon My Take which is a podcast for Barstool. He explained a wild story of how he ended up playing for Vanderbilt. Not a national power by any means:

You can also read the entire transcript up on the site here:

That’s insane. Cutler ends up at Vandy because they somehow thought he was a tight end? Talk about the butterfly effect there. What happens if Cutler never plays D1 football? Cutler even lives in Nashville right now. Part of playing in the SEC and lifting up a low program is what got Cutler drafted in the first round. All because the recruiter either thought he was somebody else or mistakenly stumbled upon him.

I remember that 2006 NFL Draft like it was yesterday. Vince Young was drafted way too high based on the epic Rose Bowl game. Everybody knew Matt Leinart was a fraud. I think he even knew. Cutler was the one guy with Franchise quarterback ability.

The greatest what if for Cutler will always be that 2010 NFL playoff run with the Bears. Chicago was one game away from the Super Bowl and smoking Jay got hurt. Chicago lost to Green Bay 21-14 and the Packers went on to win the Super Bowl. It could have been Cutler’s. Imagine his legacy then. Aaron Rodgers would have 0 Super Bowls too.