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Jake Paul

(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Jake Paul signs with PFL to compete in MMA

Jake Paul
(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Jake Paul signs with PFL to compete in MMA

Jake Paul is adventuring outside of the world of boxing. “The Problem Child” has signed a multi-fight deal with the PFL to compete in MMA, the organization announced Thursday.

For those unaware, the PFL is one of the top MMA leagues outside of the UFC. The deal also comes with a plethora of opportunities for fighters, business adventures for Paul, and a challenge for former UFC superstar Nate Diaz.

If you do not want to watch all six minutes of this announcement, I will cover the important points in this post.

Since starting his boxing career, Paul has impressed in the ring, racking up a 6-0 professional record. The world of MMA is nothing new to Paul either as he has boxed against some of the sport’s legends in Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Paul also wrestled in high school which will provide him with some grappling experience. I will add that the level of grappling in MMA is far more complex than in high school wrestling. Still, it is good to have prior grappling experience when transitioning from MMA to boxing.

Along with signing to fight for the PFL, Paul will also be a co-founder of the PFL’s new “PPV Super Fight Division.” In this new division, fighters will earn at least 50 percent of pay-per-view sales. At this time, Paul is the only fighter in the division, but expect to see more names added soon. The PFL roster already has stars like Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison and boxing world champion Claressa Shields. Both women seem like excellent candidates to join the PFL PPV Super Fight Division.

Paul will also serve in a marketing role for the PFL under the title of Head of Fighter Advocacy. In this position, Paul will promote the brand on social media in an attempt to grow the PFL and its fighters’ popularity.

Paul and his business partner Nakisa Bidarian will also receive company equity as they join the PFL.

As far as Paul’s MMA debut goes, there has not been any official announcement. However, Paul offered Nate Diaz, who is currently a free agent, a two-fight cross-sport deal. The first fight would be a boxing match while the second fight would be an MMA fight in the PFL.

At the time of this writing, Diaz has yet to respond to Paul’s callout. This offer may be appealing to Diaz as it provides him with two paydays. At the same time, Diaz founded his own MMA promotion, Real Fight Inc., which he could attempt to work into the deal through cross-promotion.

This deal between the PFL and Paul should be mutually benefical. The PFL will have a chance to skyrocket in popularity while Paul dives into the MMA world and becomes an even bigger torn in the side of his rival, UFC president Dana White.


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