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Jacob Trouba

(Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

Is Jacob Trouba Overrated?

Jacob Trouba
Is Jacob Trouba overrated and if not, please articulate what he does to earn his $8 million per year salary? Is making dirty hits enough to justify that? (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

Is Jacob Trouba Overrated?

Is Jacob Trouba good at anything other than trying to hurt people? That’s the question I’m starting to ask myself every day. The Rangers defensemen is firmly amongst the most overrated players the NHL has to offer. Emma Brown must have missed this omission in her overrated post because it’s time we start talking about it.

Did anybody else see Trouba’s hit on Andreas Athanasiou the other night? If you didn’t, you’re welcome.

After the game, Athanasiou had some choice words for Trouba.

“That guy is known for hitting high, not really worrying about the puck out there and almost trying to hurt people,” Athanasiou said. “That’s his game; that’s what he does. He’s an $8 million man with zero goals, so he has to figure out how to do something when making that much. If you can’t help the team, I guess you try to hurt guys on the other team.”

Is he wrong though? This isn’t the first time Trouba has went for the head shot. I’ll drop three more below but just know these aren’t the only ones.

I’m all for having defensemen in the game but let’s be real about Trouba. This is his only value. $8 million per year and zero goals. A total of seven assists in 27 games. Yes, you could argue he’s a defensive defensemen but he’s not proving high level ice time those other top end guys do. Adam Fox is the ring leader here. K’Andre Miller has more ice time than Trouba this year. +/- is a tricky stat but Trouba is -6 on the season. Fox is +6. Trouba’s -6 is only better than three of his teammates.

Furthermore, isn’t there a difference between dirty and effective? When push comes to shove, Trouba isn’t a tough guy. The Rangers have already lost their edge when Ryan Reaves left town. Did anybody else see Leon Draisaitl body Trouba? Talk about humiliating? Trouba hits you when you’re not looking. Man on man, this is what happens.

That’s about as emasculating as it gets. If Trouba was a real enforcer, do you think he takes that or has the rest of the team watch as nobody stands up for him?

I’m all for someone doing the dirty work but Trouba crosses the line more often than not while proving almost zero offense. How valuable is he? Wouldn’t that $8 million AAV be spent better elsewhere? Better yet, Neal Pionk might be the better player and he makes a fraction of the cost. Food for thought.

If nobody else is willing to say it, I will. Trouba = overrated.


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