Von Miller
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season, Von Miller of the Denver Broncos suffered a freak ankle injury. This injury would typically take five to six months to bounce back fully, but Miller has his heart set on returning this season. 

Miller suffered a peroneal dislocation, which is a reasonably uncommon injury. It occurs when the tissue towards the back of the ankle suffers some kind of injury or significant stress. If the injury goes untreated, the tendons can slip from their designated groves and roll and stretch over the joint. After undergoing surgery to repair the tendon, Miller seems to think he’s back and ready for action.

On November 1, the Denver Broncos beat the Los Angeles Chargers, which put them on the verge of playoff contention. Without Miller. This season has been rough for the Broncos. They’ve struggled with consistency and moving the ball more than a few yards at a time. 

The Broncos young offense has developed drastically in the last few weeks, winning three of the previous four games. If they get Miller back on defense, playoff contention isn’t out of the question. 

“My ankle is feeling good. I’m straight. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, three weeks to a month, I should be ready to go.”

Miller said on Instagram Live on Monday November 2

Miller has been walking without a boot, crutches, or a scooter. He’s even been running basic drills at Dove Valley, the Broncos training facility. 

Von Miller has only one year left on his contract in Denver. Getting out on the field and proving he’s still that same Super Bowl MVP, he might be able to swing one last NFL contract. 

A month from now, the Broncos will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in a critical AFC West matchup. Will Von Miller be suited and ready to go? 

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