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Is Jay Cutler Likable Now?

Jay Cutler

(Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Entertainment)

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler rocks thanks to his wife’s show, ‘Very Cavallari'(Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Entertainment)

Jay Cutler will forever be known as a disappointment on the football field. Cutler’s arm talent made every other quarterback in the room jealous. He really could throw a football over them there mountains like Uncle Rico always wanted. He even had the brain acumen best suited for the NFL coming from the Harvard of the south – Vanderbilt. Cutler was drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft for a reason. Cutler could have been the next coming of Brett Favre. A gunslinger who could hit any receiver who showed any window of separation. The problem was we didn’t always know where the football was and he frankly didn’t care that much. Cutler’s football career may have been a disappointment but his post-playing lifestyle certainly doesn’t look so gloomy. Is Jay Cutler actually likable now?

Jay Cutler
This is his neutral face. Just watch the show and you will get it. (Very Cavallari)

We now have an inside look into Cutler’s everyday life with the start of ‘Very Cavallari’. Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari, is the star of the new hit reality show that is meant to promote the ins and outs of her new fashion line ‘Uncommon James’. The real star of the show (unsurprisingly) is Cutler. We all thought Jay Cutler was a jerk just by surveying his career but it may have turned out that he’s a lovable one.

For those who don’t know, Cutler got a bad rap for many reasons. It all started when the Cutler forced his way out of Denver after an on-going feud with Josh McDaniels. At the end of the day, it was probably just two guys with big egos who didn’t like each other. Maybe they should have never fired Mike Shanahan but that’s a story for another day. Looking back on it, can you really blame Cutler? McDaniels was the guy who forced the Broncos hand into drafting Tim Tebow in the first round!

His harshest critique has been that Cutler flat out doesn’t give a shit. This is a guy who sat out of the second half of the NFC Title game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl because of sprained MCL that didn’t appear to be anything more than minor. Maybe nothing helps explains his lack of effort more than this play below.

Cutler flat out said he didn’t prepare for a potential post-playing broadcasting role. At the end of the day, can you blame him? Cutler has made over $122 million during his 12-year playing career without really trying at all. We forget that not every athlete loves their sport. I couldn’t relate to this more. I sure as hell could have been a better wrestler. Hell, I wrestled in college with a broken back and still lacked effort. Cutler shouldn’t be made for TV with his lethargic energy and ruthless comments but that’s what makes him a star.

I watched the first episode of Very Cavallari and thought it was pretty entertaining. It gave me flashbacks to the good old days with the Kardashians when they actually gave a rip about their store. We even have a redhead southern belle who you can hear whispering softly ‘Bless Your Heart’ even though she’s really insulting you in the worst possible way. There’s even a complicated love triangle. Speaking of love, in the preview episodes, Kristin even claims Jay has never been better in the bedroom. He improved his techniques after reading an article in GQ. Good for you Jay!

Jay Cutler
(Very Cavallari)

Cutler couldn’t be more ruthless in the show. He has about 10 perfect one-liners that I’m ready to steal in everyday conversation. When Kristin asks Jay to be nice to her friends he says “I’ll be neutral”. His wife even calls him Les Mis because he’s just a grinch. Cutler rocks because he doesn’t take any nonsense from these ladies running around his house. He even got pissed about one girl parking in his yard. In the most Jay Cutler way ever, he makes the poor girl pick up cones so she doesn’t park in the grass again. Most guys might like a bunch of pretty girls prancing around his house but not Jay. He just wants to watch Deer Cams. Watching Deer Cams sounds pretty boring but watching Jay watch Deer Cams sounds entertaining. His wife even gets fearful about no one entering her store days before it gets launched and Cutler says “guaranteed that will happen”

Jay Cutler: I Didn’t Prepare For TV Job With Fox

Love him or hate him, Jay Cutler doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. Plus he orders his steak medium rare so we know he’s not a total weirdo. I now have something to do every Sunday when I set my DVR to Very Callavari.


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