Is College A Scam?

The weeks are dwindling down of Summer break for me as I head into my final year of “higher education.” It wasn’t the traditional route, but I am really starting to question if college is a scam.


It most likely depends where you go after college, but most liberal arts schools require tons of bullshit classes in the first two or so years of your time there. They make you pay to take classes that you have zero interest in and will most likely never use again once you take that courses’ final.

Unless I am planning on being a history professor or teacher, why do I need to know the exact order of power in France from 500 years ago?

Maybe Not?

I am sure a lot of it also depends on what you study too. I have a good friend who went to a similar liberal arts school as myself, and he got a degree and a good job right away. He parlayed that into his masters, and boom, the kid is set because he did some bull shit classes for his first few years.

College is also all about how you meet people and the connections you can make for the future. So meeting the right people is always important, and depending on where you end up, you can be surrounded by successful individuals, and having those people as friends can never hurt.


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