Cam Newton
(Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Cam Newton and the New England Patriots have looked terrible recently. Three losses in a row have brought the team to depths the likes of which they haven’t seen in 20 years, with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski celebrating on a new team. The Patriots are in trouble, and Cam is playing for his career.

Cam Newton Certainly Had People Fooled

I’ll admit Cam had me fooled early in the season. He looked fantastic, and the Patriots were playing well. However, Cam and this team have looked to have regressed significantly since their win over the Las Vegas Raiders in week three.

Cam Has Not Played Great, But Neither Has the Team as a Whole

The Covid problems the team had hasn’t helped. Regardless, they have to be better than this. Cam played one of the worst games in his career against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Cam was 9/16 on passes, threw for 96 yards, and three picks. That’s not just bad; that’s horrendous. Cam was so bad he got benched for Jerrett Stidham. Stidham wasn’t too great either.

This was supposed to be Cam’s revenge tour. And it has looked more like a swan song of death. However, Bill Belichick is still the head coach. If there is anyone that could turn it around, it would be him. Nevertheless, the Patriots just flat out stink; they have no receivers no running backs. Their best running back is Cam. I’ll defend Cam a little here; he has nobody to throw to. So how can he consistently perform at the highest level?

Cam will be going up against the Buffalo Bills, who have had their struggles. This is it for Cam. He has to perform well to keep his job and further his career. Cam has come out to say he needs to step up badly. I think Cam does get this turned around against the Bills. However, if he doesn’t well, it was a nice career.