As you can see from the title, yes, I graduated college. Damn does it feel good, too. What a debut article for Producer Alex. Most people at Vendetta know me as a Producer and Content Creator but I decided to get the fingers moving for this. My special day was all recorded on camera and I put it together in a video. I guess you can add video editor to that list, too.

Graduating college was seriously one of the best feelings in the world. I have never enjoyed school and once COVID-19 took over, I couldn’t wait to be done. In the fall of 2017, I started my college career at Widener University studying Hospitality Management. I wanted to be in business but couldn’t handle the math that comes with it. Hospitality wasn’t too grueling of a curriculum and it was something I could somewhat handle. So for the first two years of school; I was miserable, very unsuccessful, and contemplated dropping out. I simply did not care. Period. Thankfully, my advisor at the time knew my interests and understood my struggles when it came to school. So, we headed in a different direction.

My junior and senior years I had transitioned to a communications student concentrating in broadcasting. I want to be very clear that this is something I always wanted to do, I just didn’t think it was a realistic goal. Think about it. Limited opportunities and certainly, not a lot of money to be made. Being able to chase my dreams was cool to think about. Although I lacked the experience that most people had in the field, I had the drive and I wanted it just as bad. Now, The All Day Every Day Show has been everything for me. Podcasting weekly and shooting Tee Party…it’s a dream come true. There is no stopping point, though. It blows my mind every day. All of this was a thought and now it has turned into me branching off from the every day businessman and chasing my dreams.

Graduation season was different for most schools with COVID-19, but Widener, in my opinion, knocked it out of the park. We had three options to pick from for the big day. The first was a mini in-person ceremony with up to 100 people. Students were allowed two guests and that’s it. The second was a drive thru ceremony where students could have up to two vehicles. The difference, here, is a shorter ceremony and more guests. The final option, was simply, an all virtual ceremony. I chose more people and with that, came the drive thru. Instead of two vehicles, we decided to go with one BIG one. We rolled into graduation in a thirty seat trolley car. Yup. My kind of party. Credit to Widener for giving us all these choices and doing their part to make graduation the best it could be, under these circumstances.

I made it. Simple as that. I honestly, didn’t think this day would ever come but boy, am I glad it did. Enjoy the video as you relive the greatest accomplishment of my life, with me. Now, back to the cameras and mics.