Hue Jackson
Hue Jackson wants another head coaching opportunity in the NFL. Does anything else even need to be said? (David Richard/Getty)

Hue Jackson has a lot of time on his hands. For the first time in 32 years, Hue Jackson doesn’t have a job. The mystery that everyone should be asking is how in the hell did it take this long for Jackson to get unemployed? If it’s up to Hue, he’s hoping that he isn’t unemployed for long.

In the most shocking news of all-time, Jackson still believes a head coaching career in the NFL is still in his future:

“Oh, yeah, I mean I think I can,” Jackson said Wednesday on Charlotte’s WFNZ 102.5 FM. “I mean, just because the situation in Cleveland [didn’t work out] doesn’t mean that you can’t coach. There’s a lot of great coaches who came before me that coached there and went on and did great things. Sometimes, the situation is different. I think if people dig in and really take the time to look at the overall situation there, maybe they would understand it more. At the same time, I understand what narrative gets put out there, that’s what people know. Hopefully, people will think back to the times when I’ve put myself in that position. I had to be doing something right. To go back and be a coordinator again or be a head coach, I do believe it’s in my future. I’ve just got to go work through the process and see where it goes.”

I have a serious question. What in the world goes through Hue Jackson’s head? 3-36-1… That’s Jackson’s record as a head coach with the Browns. This isn’t going to just be a hiatus from the NFL. It should be a permanent banning from the league. I, for one, would love to see Hue get another job. I really thought the Bengals were going to hire him after they interviewed him for the job in the offseason but they went with Zac Taylor instead.

Let’s be honest. All any team has to do is plug on Hard Knocks from last year. There’s a reason why Freddie Kitchens is sitting in that chair now.