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Sam Darnold
AP Photo, Neil Redmond

How Sam Darnold Is Turning Into Jay Cutler, A Coach Killer

Sam Darnold
(AP Photo, Neil Redmond)

How Sam Darnold Is Turning Into Jay Cutler, A Coach Killer

Sam Darnold is starting to turn into Jay Cutler, he is about to officially become a coach killer. Adam Gase got fired, Joe Brady got fired, and Matt Rhule has to be next.

First, something about Jay Cutler. During his time in Chicago, he had five different offensive coordinators and three different head coaches. He went through coaches quicker than chain smokers go through cigarettes. But why is that? Could it be due to the fact that he underperformed with his physical tools? Definitely. Could it also be because he really didn’t give a crap? Sure. I think it is some combination of both because his inability to really care directly related to him performing below expectations. He had this massive arm, could move a little bit, and was always capable of making throws that made you go “Holy crap!” Then, he would consistently put the ball in harm’s way. Every coach thought “Yeah I can fix him,” and then got fired when they inevitably failed, that’s what’s going to happen with Sam Darnold too. In fact, it’s already started.

With Sam Darnold, he went to the Jets, admittedly a bad organization but he didn’t do them any favors either. Darnold had two different head coaches and two different offensive coordinators in three seasons. After just one season with the Panthers, Joe Brady got fired. Was this a power-hungry, rash, and possibly (probably) just plain stupid. Matt Rhule is almost surely out the door after next season, barring a drastic change in Sam Darnold’s play, but it’s tough to see that happening anytime soon.

The Panthers still believe in him, but that might be their downfall. They have to say that because they’re stuck with him, nobody wants him and they can’t cut him. It’s like the Baker Mayfield season, except Mayfield has shown much more promise. Calling Sam Darnold Jay Cutler might be a compliment at this point.



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