Washington Football Team
(Kevin Dietsch/UPI)

The Washington Football Team played terrible yesterday. How bad, you ask? They accrued minus six yards. That’s atrocious.

The O-line was bad; guard Wes Martin had a 0.2 pass block grade from Week 5. Yes, he went up against Aaron Donald, but 0.2 is horrible. Not to mention that he was protecting QB Alex Smith, who played in his first game since his gruesome leg injury in 2018. They also let up 15 QB pressures, including letting Alex Smith get sacked six times. The quarterback isn’t the only one to blame

Nick Aldridge of PFF pointed out what a Scott Turner (offensive coordinator) lead offense entitles.

Maybe Dwayne Haskins wasn’t the problem? But regardless of who the quarterback is, Scott Turner has to mix up the playbook if they will score any points for the rest of the season.

Washington is 1-4 and still somehow have a chance to win the NFC East. For the first time since 2013, every team in the division has a losing record through Week 5. A once great division in the 90’s, could go down as one of the worst divisions in 2020 and beyond.