Hockey Guy Trey
Hockey Guy Trey moves closer to the inevitable. Call the election already. Dragging this puppy out long enough.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: Finals, Day 9

Delaying the inevitable.

I have no idea why the Finals are still going on at this point, but we covered that already. After a Big Monday, at this point, we’re just waiting for the coronation process to begin. The election results are basically in the process of being called. We’re just dragging this puppy out celebrating along the way.

Only two games on today. Not a ton of fantasy impact. The Bruins benched their starters in the season finale so no need to cover that. It just left Bo Horvat and Quinn Hughes on my team with a chance to extend the lead playing against no one. Neither Horvat or Hughes scores or even had an assist.

1.3 for Horvat on the day. 0.1 for Hughes. Still up by a bundle. Two days to go.

Emma Brown was on Cheese today to talk hockey if you watch to watch / listen to that!

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