Hockey Guy Trey

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: 2021 Round 1, Day 7

Survive and advance.

Well, we did it. Team Icing Daubert is moving on to the semi finals after an 18 point victory. The win was pretty much in the bag from the day before. Sunday it just became official.

Mostly, it was an uneventful day. No videos. I was at my fantasy football draft yesterday so I was out of commission otherwise. Mostly just doing this blog to mark the win is official.

Just remember, the person that wanted to play me in the semi finals asked for this. I hear trouble coming.

Side note: I’m sorry I had to do it to you Snow Fleurys. You’re one of my favorite people on this planet. This hockey fantasy league has been way too much fun and can’t wait to draft again for the new upcoming season.

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