He's All That
We’re reviewing the Addison Rae movie next. How does He’s All That stack up? Should you watch it. Can Tik Tokers thrive in movies? (Netflix)

He’s All That Netflix Review

Yes, I watched the Addison Rae movie. This is a judge free zone. Listen, I had to see if the lemon was worth the squeeze here. I’ve done Tik Tok posts in the past. I want to know if they actually have talent. This was the perfect moment to find out. Here is your official He’s All That Netflix review.

Okay… look. It depends on how you look at it. The plot was as predictable as possible. Literally not a single twist or turn you couldn’t guess. The acting wasn’t great. The social media follower account was annoying. The dialogue back and forth was nauseating. So drawn out and fake. There was a part where there was somehow a bet drawn up with literally no terms that were agreed upon before two sentences were completed. Just wasn’t well written.

Was it full blown terrible? Not really somehow. There were some cutesy moments. The connection between Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan was believable. They did a great job with his character and it was easy to root for him. That’s about all I got for you. If you’re not into cute love stories, this movie is not for you.

Overall, not a great movie. Probably not even worth watching. Just watch the trailer. You can figure out what happens. Do Tik Tokers have talent? This movie was probably not totally enough to say they don’t. Which sucks because Addison genuinely seems like a good person so I was rooting for this movie to succeed.

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