Julio Jones
Julio Jones finally caught a touchdown! Is the world going to end? (David Goldman/AP Photo)

Julio Jones has been dealing with a mysterious illness for quite some time.

Julio caught his first touchdown Sunday breaking a streak that aged like a fine wine.

It’s been 343 days since his last score.

Everyone was wondering if Julio had lost his roar.

Has Julio’s time as a top-five receiver come to an end?

The Falcons inability to get Jones the ball in the end zone was starting to become a trend.

The problem with the Falcons thus far has been their defense.

The loss of Kyle Shanahan has made the entire organization tense.

Are we sure that Dan Quinn knows what he is doing?

The Falcons 2016 Super Bowl run may have just been a one night fling.

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Calvin Ridley has emerged as the teams best pass catcher.

Julio Jones’ impact on the football has started to become a blur.

Calvin Ridley has 7 touchdowns on the season.

Julio Jones has been some so bad that you might have thought that he commit treason.

Ridley and Jones went to Alabama.

Ridley is the future and Jones has apparently been sleeping wearing his pajama.

The Falcons are so boring that its hard not to snooze.

They have been so bad that the fans join together in loud boos.

Julio Jones has made Fantasy Football owners very mad.

His performance this year has been nothing but bad.

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Near the end zone, Matt Ryan refuses to throw Julio the ball.

Julio looks like a baby learning how to crawl.

It’s clear that Julio Jones has been surpassed by A.J. Green.

Julio’s production has collapsed like the empire of Byzantine.

Has Julio finally found a cure for his touchdown woes?

Maybe Julio has been cursed for his fans being schmoes?

Remember when Julio whined for a new contract?

Giving him an extension was absolutely whack.

The New Orleans Saints are the king of the NFC South.

The Falcons fans just need to close their mouth.

Julio Jones’ lack of touchdown just makes me sick.

I hope that you enjoyed my rhyming schtick.