Greg Ward
The Eagles need to prioritize Greg Ward moving forward. Ward is more than just a college quarterback and provides much needed stability to the position. (Greg Kang/AP)

It’s not a secret that the Eagles need a wide receiver. When DeSean Jackson went down, it basically crippled their season. JJ Arcega-Whiteside is a total bust just like I told you he would be. Nelson Agholor can’t catch a lick. Alshon Jeffery either wants to be traded or the Eagles are shopping him. I’m not sure which one it is but he’s clearly lost a step anyway. There is no question the Eagles need to attack the position this offseason. However, the Eagles need to make sure Greg Ward is a priority.

The most consistent and reliable wide receiver on the Eagles roster last year was Greg Ward. I’m not sure it’s debatable. Doesn’t that mean something? When Ward got his shot, he delivered more than expectations. Doesn’t that mean something? He can at least catch. Forget about the fact that Ward was a collegiate quarterback, he can play wide out.

No, Ward isn’t a polished route runner. However, he won a lot of balls in the air that maybe he shouldn’t have. I also think he did a good job being a big play threat down the field. Ward averaged 9.1 yards per catch. There’s no questioning that he’s athletic enough for the position. In fact, his one downfall is something he should improve on. Ward averaged just 3.4 yards after the catch. Ward will up that number as he continues to get better.

Greg Ward isn’t a superstar. Never will be. What he does provide is predictability at the position. Something Philadelphia doesn’t have. He will also be making pennies next year. I don’t think there’s any question Ward has to make the roster after what he showed last season. Ward can at least play and look respectable. Can’t say the same about the 2nd round pick from Stanford, Arcega-Whiteside.

Philadelphia has two dynamic tight ends. If DeSean Jackson is healthy, he’s a perfect deep threat. Just don’t forget about Greg Ward. There’s no reason the Eagles can’t be more creative with him moving forward. Fake plays, quarterback options, jet sweeps, etc. Ward isn’t a college quarterback anymore. He’s a real receiver and one that can certainly contribute.