Grease Riddick Levy
The ESPN MNF broadcasting team stinks. Brian Grease, Louis Riddick, and Steve Levy either gotta go or a shake up is needed. (ESPN Pressroom)

Grease, Riddick, Levy Gotta Go. ESPN Must Alter MNF Broadcast.

It’s not working. Don’t fight it. Acknowledge why it’s not working and change course. The ESPN Monday Night Football Broadcast stinks. Brian Grease, Louis Riddick, and Steve Levy are not the answer. Things have to be shaken up and quick.

ESPN knows the current team they have isn’t the answer. It’s why they added the Manning cast (or whatever it’s called). The Manning cast has gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone I’ve talked to. Maybe it’s not perfect but it has a conversational feel to it and appears more interesting than whatever shit show ESPN has with the traditional team.

The MNF Broadcast sucks. Levy is fine. Most guys like him are fine and very replaceable. If they want to keep or remove Levy, it’s whatever. Those guys are mostly all the same to me. It shouldn’t be the case, but it’s the reality.

I actually like Riddick. He usually has smart things to say during draft season. I like him more in that setting. I don’t like boxing him into the corner. I take offense to that sort of stuff always. I don’t think Riddick is the problem but what he has to say isn’t interesting enough to distract yourself from the stupid things Grease says.

I like Riddick. But he has a certain personality to him. He either needs to be paired with someone bat shit crazy but interesting or reassigned so he’s a bigger presence for in-studio stuff.

Grease is the real problem. Every time he speaks, I feel like I’m on drugs. I don’t even know how else to describe him. There are just too many times he either says something a five-year-old could come up with or goes on this side tangent that makes you question if someone slipped drugs in your drink. He’s awful to listen to and comes across as such a buzzkill.

The Manning cast has already given ESPN an out. Replace the ESPN MNF team and fast. Figure it out. Outside of anything Charles Davis or Aqib Talib does, there is no question the ESPN crew is a bottom tier broadcasting unit.

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