Gareth Bale
Welsh midfielder Gareth Bale wants out of Real Madrid After being frozen out by Zidane. Image credit: PA

Gareth Bale unsurprisingly is open to a move away from Real Madrid during this transfer window. The 31-year-old Wales midfielder spoke to Sky Sports ahead of their Nations League games against Finland and Bulgaria and did not mince his words when asked about his time with the Spanish giants. During the interview, he seemed to blame Madrid for blocking moves and said: “they make things very difficult.”

“We’ll see what happens, we have plenty of time in this transfer window and a couple of others as well. Time will tell but mainly I think the reason is that the decision is in Real Madrid’s hands.”

Bale said to Sky Sports in regards to a move back to the Premier League

This could be his way of forcing their hand into letting him move on, although they have agreed to that in the past before reneging on the deals.

“I tried to leave last year but they blocked everything at the last second. There have been other instances where we have tried to go but the club won’t allow it or they’ve done something. It’s down to the club. I am only 31 still but I feel I am in great shape still and feel like I have a lot to give. We will see what happens. It’s in the club’s hands but they make things very difficult, to be honest.”

Bale said

Manager Zinedine Zidane has frozen Gareth Bale out, and despite Real Madrid winning the La Liga title last season, the Welsh international played little to no part in the win. It comes as no surprise then that Bale told reporters he was glad to be linking up with his Wales teammates where he feels “a little bit more appreciated.” Manchester United and his former club Tottenham Hotspur are said to be interested if the price is right.

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