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Jay Cutler
(Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Jay Cutler Wants To Try Broadcasting Amid Media Free Agency

Jay Cutler
(Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Jay Cutler Wants his Shot in the Booth

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some major shake-ups with some of the most renowned sports analysts moving stations. Troy Aikman is leaving his coveted role at FOX for a giant deal with ESPN. FOX’s best NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews is also a free agent this offseason. There’s a possibility ESPN brings Joe Buck on “Monday Night Football” to work alongside Aikman as well. With some of the most coveted analysts moving, former Bears’ Quarterback Jay Cutler wants his shot in the booth.

Cutler, 38, wants to take a chance at broadcasting, he revealed in an interview with Front Office Sports on Wednesday.

“I would love to do it. I think it’s a fun gig. It keeps you in the game,” the 38-year old Cutler said Wednesday. “If an opportunity arises, I would jump at it.”

Cutler said in an interview with Front Office Sports.

Cutler was supposed to be a part of a three-man booth featuring Charles Davis and Kevin Burkhardt in 2017 but ended up playing for the Miami Dolphins that year instead. The former quarterback was hired in 2017 by FOX as their #2 analyst behind Aikman.

Times Changing Presents Oppurtunity for Cutler

Cutler admits his family was a large reason that he waited years following his retirement to try broadcasting.

“I was in a period of my life where the kids were young,” he said. “I didn’t want to get back into that schedule of Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-gone. But now things have calmed down for me. My kids are a little bit older and in a better place.”

Cutler also added in his interview with Front Office Sports.

Cutler started his own podcast, called “Uncut with Jay Cutler”, and is the founding partner and design director for a new media company based in Nashville.

I feel whichever network brings in Cutler will benefit from him in their commentating booth. Jay was known during his career for many things, but one of them was certainly his attitude that he brought on the field. He’s been criticized by former teammates for it, but I think it could translate very well in the booth if he were partnered with the right person. Perhaps he’s a totally different person in the booth than he was on the field, perhaps he’s the same. Nevertheless, I think a lot of people are curious to see how Cutler would fair in the booth.

Jay Cutler Already Working for a Contract

In the same interview, Cutler confirmed that his agent had planted the seed into various networks. Fox and Amazon are among the most popular.

“I could do everything I wanted to do. Color commentary is kind of the last bucket. If I can get that filled, it would be great,” he said.

Cutler added.

Cutler said he’s interested in a gig with Fox Sports, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, or any of the NFL TV’s partners. It will be interesting to see which station offers a contract to him, and where he ends up if he decides he really wants to get into the booth.



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