Font's Five

Font’s Five is back as week 17 approaches we see the conclusion of the regular season. Last week we went 1-3-1, which isn’t great but fear not because I will end this season strong. Our overall record comes to 24-25-5.

Font’s Five Starts Off With The Dolphins and Browns.

Miami Dolphins +2, This may be my whackiest pick of the year, but here is the deal. The Dolphins are fighting to secure a playoff spot and the Buffalo Bills have already clinched the division. However, that’s not all the Bills are becoming a very trendy pick as they are on fire. This means only one thing to me and that’s sooner or later that trendy pick is going to lose so why not to the Dolphins.

Cleveland Browns -10, The Browns had an absolutely terrible game against the New York Jets and now play their owners in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Big Ben is not playing in this game and the Steelers are just going to coast into the playoffs the Browns still have yet to clinch. Give me the Browns all day baby!

Packers, Cardinals, and Giants To End The Day.

Green Bay Packers -5.5, The Packers are still playing for that one seed and the bye week. The Bears have been flying high above Earth for a few weeks. However, this is where they come crashing back down. Take the Packers and the soon to be named MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Arizona Cardinals -3, The Cards, and the Rams both have hobbled quarterbacks. The thing is one is playing and one is not. Hell, the Rams may be better if Goff sits. But I’d much rather ride with that Cardinals offense trying to make the playoffs. Give me one-legged Kyler Murray and the boys in this one.

New York Giants +2.5, Here we go again, the bane of my existence. Let’s take the New York Giants here. They will beat the Cowboys and they will make the playoffs. Hell, I got more riding on this game than just the pick but screw it. Give me the GMEN the time to wake up is now!

Here are the picks. Let’s end the regular season on the right foot and take the bookie’s money. Happy Betting Everyone!