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Five Potential Matches for Malakai Black in WWE

Five Potential Matches for Malakai Black in WWE

Recent reports state that Malakai Black has been granted his release from AEW. Formerly known as Aleister Black in WWE, it was initially reported that he had requested his released due to mental health reasons and frustrations with booking but was later denied. This may not come as a surprise to the avid wrestling fan, because reports have said AEW and Tony Kahn have repeatedly fumbled in recent months in the eyes of some talent.

Black emerged in AEW wreaking havoc. He quickly formed the House of Black with Brody King and Buddy Matthews. It wasn’t long before they became one of the most popular factions on the show. Although, in recent weeks, the House of Black lost multiple marquee matches completely killing their momentum. With Triple H bringing back his “guys” left and right, there is no better time to break down the potential opponents for Black in WWE if he is to return. You guys know what that means. Time for me to book the return of Black and if I am booking, I am booking it for the people.

1. Tommaso Ciampa

For starters, it feels so good to type Tommaso before Ciampa. The Blackheart, who was recently gifted back his first name, is currently running around as a henchman of the Miz. In this situation we are assuming he is solo again going under The Blackheart moniker — the way it should be. Ciampa and Black, if given the creative freedom, could put together a stellar storyline.

Malakai Black is one of the best when it comes to owning a dark demented gimmick. He looks the part better than anyone and his in-ring skillset is the perfect complement to it. During his time in NXT, Ciampa could have been considered one of the most over wrestlers on the planet at certain points. He has a way of owning his badass nature without coming off as cocky or condescending. That is a skill that is incredibly hard to obtain and wildly under appreciated. These two men have the attitude and skillset that is custom built for a main roster meeting.

2. Karrion Kross

Kross’ return to the company has been arguably better than anyone else during the Triple H era thus far. He has been sitting carefully, waiting to pounce on his next opponent. Just imagine Black shoved all that patience up his ass by cutting the lights, lighting a candle near feet away from him in the center of the ring just enough to reveal the face of Black, and then blowing out the flame while the lights return as Kross is hit with a Black Mass. These two men could put together a program that establishes the both of them as main event level superstars. More than just their in-ring talent, they are two of the best storytellers on the planet.

3. Randy Orton

Orton is a 15-time world champion and rightfully so. You could argue that nobody has done it on a consistent level like him over the last 15-plus years. The Apex Predator could be the perfect person for Black to face in a return package. Assuming Orton makes a full recovery from his back injury, a returning Viper could be the ideal babyface to put over Malakai Black as a main event level heel. When Orton makes his way back to the ring, he is going to be the one of the most over stars on the roster. That combined with his accolades and the equal amount of excitement from the fans to see Black back in WWE, would make for a match that is worthy of both men’s return. I swear I have dreams about Randy ducking a Black Mass and turning it into an RKO.

4. Gunther

This doesn’t even need an in-depth storyline behind it. Just give these top tier talents 30 minutes to beat the hell out of each other and the crowd will go nuts. Gunther versus Sheamus for the Intercontinental Title this past weekend at WWE Clash at the Castle was match of the night by a wide margin. It wasn’t because it was in their home continent. It was because they gave top tier talents 30 minutes to beat the hell out of each other. Gunther’s chops against Black’s kicks. This would be a match for the ages.

5. Bray Wyatt

I am willing to bet that when Bray Wyatt makes his return to pro-wrestling it will almost certainly be for WWE. Between Triple H being in control of WWE creative and the current backstage drama at AEW, it makes sense for him to return to where it all started. Wyatt and Black, respectively, are two of the best in the business when it comes to executing a mysterious and evil type of gimmick. This has the potential to be a long-term program that feels custom made for the new era of WWE. The combination of Wyatt’s athleticism at his size and the striking expertise of Black is something we haven’t seen before. This is a match that feels WrestleMania worthy.



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