Final Take

One of our newer podcasts on our podcasting network is back with another episode, but this time Final Take has a lot more structure as they look to get better!

Catch up on the action with Shane Davis and Dacota Haynes.

You can listen to it right here or on and Apple Podcasts!

Final Take Episode Overview

Championship Weekend recap!

Dacota and Shane discuss what happened in the NFL Championship games. Dacota now regrets what he said about Josh Allen in the podcast. Listen to here it.

Shane thinks the Jets could make the playoffs next season

He goes through his process move by move as if he were the GM. Dacota does not agree with him. The debate lasts a few minutes.


Dacota may be a big Ducks fan, but forget about that. He thinks they could win a National Championship within the next three years. Is he accurate or is he being overdramatic?

Aaron Rodgers

What will Rodgers do or is it What would he do? I don’t know, but we talk about two places Rodgers could go where he’d have a good shot to win a Super Bowl.

We also discuss what Karl Malone said about Zion and Shaq’s comments.

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