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Falcons Justin Fields

(Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

The Falcons Have No Choice But To Draft Justin Fields

Falcons Justin Fields
The Atlanta Falcons have no choice but to draft Justin Fields. Passing on Fields could haunt this franchise for years to come. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

The Falcons Have No Choice But To Draft Justin Fields

The 2021 NFL Draft starts with Atlanta. We sort of know what’s going to happen here at the top of the board. Trevor Lawrence is going to Jacksonville while Zach Wilson is on his way to the Jets. We then know that the 49ers will take either Mac Jones or Trey Lance. The Falcons are essentially on the clock at 4 and they have no choice but to pick Justin Fields.

The Matt Ryan window is over. He’s no longer capable of taking the Falcons to the Super Bowl. It’s why they’re picking fourth in the draft. Ryan, 35, was never an A quarterback. He sure as hell is trending closer to a C the more he ages. His arm was never strong but will age poorly. It’s over. Ryan can still play but this is not an elite franchise quarterback anymore.

With Arthur Smith coming in, the Falcons should never pick this high again if he’s an upgrade over Dan Quinn. Frankly, not a hard thing to do. The 2022 NFL Draft is also not a strong quarterback draft class. A quarterback like Justin Fields may never be on the board again without having to trade up to acquire him. The time is now to pull the trigger.

More so than anything, Fields is a Georgia kid. Fields grew up in Georgia and first attended the University of Georgia. He’s someone the fan base could immediately fall in love with. Fields also has great speed and could represent a better throwing but slightly less athletic version of Michael Vick. Do not rob the fans of this or they will despise you for it.

Worse yet, Carolina needs a quarterback bad. Don’t be the team that lets Fields go to a division rival and torches you for a decade plus. Imagine the hometown kid you let get away only to torch you twice a year? OUCH. Can’t do it. This is the type of decision that has ripple effects for YEARS.

Fields is awesome. I don’t understand where the critics are coming from. Fields beat Trevor Lawrence at the Elite 11 camp. I know maybe there’s a gap but are we really sure there’s a big one?

The draft starts at pick 4 but it shouldn’t. If the Falcons are smart, they will take Justin Fields and call it a day. Otherwise, the Falcons will be one of those teams left wondering what went wrong. Sort of like the same way teams do that let Deshaun Watson dip in the draft for no reason.

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